photoIn 1942, well before the civil rights movement, All Peoples Community Center (APCC) was founded as a refuge where all were welcome regardless of race, ethnicity or faith. APCC was one of the first community centers in Los Angeles to challenge the societal norms of segregation and developed an integrated membership. Today, 70 years later, APCC continues to work as a community center serving with the same ideals and located in the original spot it was founded.


  • Extended Day Child Care
  • Saturday Pre-K Kindergarten Literacy Program
  • After-School Program
  • Joe Ide Summer Camp
  • Central High School- All Peoples Branch
  • EducationVernon-Central Workforce Development Program


Adult & Family

  • Supplemental Food Program
  • Women Support Group
  • RSVP (Retired Senior and Volunteer Program)
  • Parenting Classes
  • Project Fatherhood

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