Adult & Family

Supplemental Food Program (SFP)

Individuals and families in the community receive a bag of groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables, each month to supplement their existing food supply. Participants in the program also receive information about other community resources for feeding their families and assistance with accessing those resources.

Women's Support Group

The Women Support Group is designed to increase understanding of the cycle of violence and its impact on the family. Victims of domestic violence receive legal and emergency assistance, clothing, housing, and resources to provide them with education and economic independence.

RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)

RSVP is a national program that allows individuals 55 and older to share their work and life experiences in public and nonprofit settings. RSVP service providers often lend their experience and wisdom to helps improve and assist with APCC's programs. Our seniors help facilitate nutrition programs, conduct Spanish-English classes and mentor children.

Parenting Classes

Adults are able to improve their parenting skills through classes and cooperative group activities. Topics discussed include nutrition, nurturing, developmental stages of children, family planning, child abuse prevention, acceptable forms of discipline and available community resources.

Project Fatherhood

The support group for fathers is run by mental health professionals. The group encourages a supportive, non-judgemental environment where fathers can address the issues that may hinder their relationships with their children and others.

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